Food bank

Our food bank gives out free food bags to any person in need, men and women, regardless of their faith or non-belief. This takes place the first Sunday of every month, 2:00-3:00 pm, at the Angelou Centre, 17 Brighton Grove, Fenham, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 5NS. Each food bag typically contains rice, pasta, tins and jars of food. A formal referral is not required and people can just turn up (or email beforehand to let us know they are coming). Please note, before providing anyone with a food bag we will ask the reason why they are in need and they will have to provide proof of their address. 

Food bank calendar 2019



The Muslim Initiative acts as a consultant to public and private sector organistions, such as local government, NGOs, healthcare providers and the media, on a range of topics related to Islam and Muslims. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


New Muslim mentoring scheme

Have you recently embraced Islam or were you born Muslim and rediscovering your faith? Are you looking for help and support? The Muslim Initiative has a team of volunteer mentors who can help you in your journey. You will be allocated a personal mentor who will give you support and friendship. Besides regular one-to-one meetings and social interaction, you will be offered instruction in the necessary elements of the Islamic faith so that you can begin to practice Islam in its true form.


Marriage and family guidance counselling

The Muslim Initiative can provide a marriage/nikah service, alone or via local mosques if requested. In addition, our resident scholar can help with marital problem solving and advise on martial breakdown and domestic abuse. 


Youth counselling

The Muslim Initiative can arrange Islamic education and training for young people via our local partners. Our resident scholar can also provide advice to youths and parents on home and school problems.


Muslim health advice

Medical issues often cause confusion among Muslims, as many people do not know which practices are in accordance with Islamic belief and which practices are not. Our resident scholar can provide advice on these matters to both Muslims and health professionals. The Muslim Initiative can also arrange Hajj vaccinations and male circumcision via our local partners.


Bereavement and burial advice

Our resident scholar can provide advice on all aspects relating to the death of a loved one. This includes on-call visits to your home or hospital, burial/janazah services via our local partners and mosques, and inheritance advice.


Contact us for more details