The Muslim Initiative is a community association based in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Our aim is to enhance the lives and future prospects of Muslims living in the North East of England through education, training, welfare and social engagement, as well as to create a cohesive atmosphere between Muslim and non-Muslim communities in the region. 


We regularly arrange events and courses in Newcastle upon Tyne, including guest speakers.


Our chairman is Shaykh Ridha ur Rahman, a classically trained Imam from Newcastle upon Tyne. He works as a Muslim chaplain for the NHS and was previously the Muslim chaplain for Newcastle and Northumbria universities. Along with being an advisor to local organisations and schools, he acts as the Muslim representative in a number of interfaith groups. Shaykh Ridha holds a BA (Hons) in Islamic Theology and is trained in the sciences of Qira’ah, Tafseer, Fiqh and Hadith. He is also a Hafidh of the Quran, a specialist in Quranic Arabic and he has taught Islamic subjects in Newcastle for several years.